Types Of Granite Countertop Edges


Types Of Granite Countertop Edges – When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, many varieties of granite are available. An option to update the look of your room is with granite countertops. Granite countertops offer a stylish look that lasts many years. Granite countertops also come in a wide variety of edges to match the look of your kitchen or bathroom, as well as your own personal tastes.

The simplest and least expensive of all the granite countertop edges is the simple edge provided. A border is provided a simple square edge having a small chamfer to reduce edge sharpness. Facilitated edge looks more like a standard square edge cover. The fourth round edge is a square with rounded top edge to produce a subtle curve, as in the fourth round trim socket. The fourth round edge is another common choice because of its simple design and profitability.

One of the most expensive granite countertop edges is beveled edge. The beveled edge named because of the angle cutting edge of the top of the deck to the bottom edge. Beveled edges are available with up to 45 degree angle. Bevel edges in the range of 45 degrees provide a dramatic appearance due to inclined.

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