How to Stabilize a Folding Dining Table


Folding dining table– Folding wooden tables serve a variety of purposes and are ideal for numerous functions. They are commonly used in large banquets and meetings, as well as card games and patio furniture inexpensive. While advantageous in most ways, a rickety wooden folding table is a distraction. The usefulness of the table is reduced when the table is not stable. Fortunately, you can easily rid yourself of the nuisance of an unstable table by stabilizing it with a few common tools.

Measure the width of the bottom of one of the legs of the table on folding dining table wooden with a ruler. Center measurement cork and add about 1 cm measurement. The additional centimeter ensures that the cork fits over the bottom of the table leg. Mark the measurement with a pencil and draw a circle measuring the width of the cork. Use a compass to draw an exact circle if desired. Simply measure the length of the cork and divide the width in half to find the center of the cork, which is the radio.

Cut the cork with a knife, following the guidance of circle you drew in the cork. Dig the knife in the cork and push up to remove the cork cutting area. Push plug at the bottom of the table leg for stabilizing an unstable folding dining table wooden. It should fit snugly around the leg of the table. Remove the cork from the table leg and dig cork out of it with the knife if necessary.

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