How to Repair Glass Top of Patio Coffee Table


Patio coffee table – A coffee table covered patio looks as light and airy as summer. However, a ruined top need not be the end of the table. There are several options for repairing a glass patio table. Remove any remaining pieces of glass frame of the table. Wrap large fragments of glass in a disposable cloth or paper and break into small pieces with a hammer. Place in a paper bag before disposing of garbage. Decide on a replacement cover. Options include the replacement of tempered glass patio coffee table or Plexiglas, available in stores or home improvement glass suppliers. To change the look of the table completely, have a piece of heavy wire mesh cutting in a garage to fit the table. Measure the circumference of the table carefully and buy a top replacement made ​​from preferred material. Replacement glass tops come in population sizes and thicknesses, although many sellers cut to order. Check the patio coffee table frame depth, tighten loose screws and repair any damage to the structure. If the frame could use a fresh coat of paint, now is the time to apply. Install the new tabletop. The tables have different types of fastening methods. Make sure the new cap is secure.

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