Decorated Glass Cocktail Tables


Glass cocktail tables – Find an alternative place to decorate a coffee table instead of just the traditional front of a sofa and chairs set. Use cocktail tables of different shapes, such as squares over the traditional round or oval design, for rooms that require the strongest lines. Different colors and finishes available allow you to put these tables in areas that may not have thought of before.

In a large living room, create a separate seating area with round glass cocktail tables flanked by sun loungers. This allows space for a more private conversation, while others are watching a game or a program on television. Decorate the area to match your style of entertaining life. For example, paint a colorful game board on top of the table or attach cups to keep chips and cards if you enjoy game nights’ accommodation. For a more formal setting, use a glass chess or checkers wooden.

Other options include placing a lamp on the table a place to read the paper or project development at night, while the rest of the family room on the couch watching movies. Create a decorative and functional area in almost any room in your home by placing glass cocktail tables against a wall. Put one in the lobby, flanked by two wooden chairs, a place to take your shoes when entering your home.

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