Cool Effects for Reclaimed Wood Table


Reclaimed wood table – While reclaimed wood table is known for his character, beautiful imperfections and unusual markings, you may want your wood table was recovered a little more of a focal point or conversation piece. To add an unexpected interest and cool effects to your table reclaimed wood, that has a lot of options. In fact, you may be afraid when working with reclaimed wood, because the mistakes that will only improve your character.

Consider your reclaimed wood table stain recovered in an unexpected color like lime green, bright orange or pink. Wood stains colors allow wildly add a bright pop of color to your room without covering the natural grain of wood beautiful recovered from her table. Spotting a color table, or if it is made of multiple tables or random pieces, consider staining different random pieces in different colors and some planks leaving under.

While its reclaimed wood table retrieved probably already has a certain amount of anguish, a troubled piece makes a striking focal point. Add nail holes in groups and random patterns, making dents hitting your table with a hammer or a large piece of heavy chain, and sand the edges and areas that naturally become the most wear. Do not worry about removing the stain or paint peeling. This is the distressed look and charm of its restored wooden table joins.

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