Choose Color Faux Stone Coffee Table Finish


Stone coffee table –¬†Imitation finish allows you to create the appearance of a given material or untreated surface or the cost of labor involved in the use of real material. A plain wooden table can make it seem carved – or less finished with stone. It does not take a great artist to create a synthetic stone table, although it may take some practice to learn the technique. For best results, pick up some extra scrap wood to test your skills before embarking on the main project.

The colors you choose for your imitation stone coffee table board depend on the type of rock that is trying to imitate and the final effect you would like. A creamy marble with gray streaks, for example, gives an elegant and formal touch, while a painted to resemble the beige sandstone exudes a rustic finish. Select the base to cover the whole table with mayo several lighter colored enamel paints shades darker or even for a more dramatic effect, especially when emulating brown or gray stone coffee table. Choose more than two to four colors on the same strip of paint to avoid crashing. The base color should be usually a satin finish, and the other colors should be enamels, which provide a subtle and translucent result.

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