Cherry Wood Coffee Table


Cherry Wood Coffee Table – Wooden tables look great both inside and out. Outdoor, they provide a focal point for family entertainment and friends. Inside, they give an informal setting for specials or everyday occasions as the family table. While described here is the traditional picnic table, you can use an exotic wood such as cherry or maple bird, and transform the traditional distinctive.

Instructions: • Place wood 48 inches at the cherry wood coffee table and the bar clamps on them crosswise. Open them enough to hold together two by six. • 60-inch wooden place in the clamps. Apply glue to one end and set another against him. Repeat this process until all five of the clamps. • Tighten the clamp making sure the glue oozes out all the ways up and down the joints. Wipe excess glues with a damp cloth, then rinse all fabric glue. Allow the glue to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. • Remove the clamps after the glue is dry. The sand cherry wood coffee table with a belt sander. Then turn down and mark 6 inches from the ends. • Place the electric miter saw at an angle of 22½ °. Place the 30-inch wood on the worktable. As one of the long edges and make a mark at 2 inches.

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