Build Rustic Wood Coffee Tables


Rustic Wood Coffee Tables – Give new life to a block of wood and posts using a few tools and some physical effort. Make a table rustic wooden block is not an expensive task but requires some patience and comfort when working with a chainsaw. Use the table finished inside or on a deck or patio to infuse a natural and rustic charm. Build smaller to use for decorative accents rustic wood coffee tables or side tables.

Instructions: 1) Takes the block of wood and a trunk 2 feet (60.96 cm) in diameter to a cool, dry place, and let it sit for about a month. This will allow the wood to lighten and loosen the crust on the stump doing the following steps easier. 2) Use a saw to cut the wood block so that it measures about 2 feet (60.96 cm) wide by 2 feet (60.96 cm) long. This is the top of the table. 3) Cut the trunk 2 feet (60.96 cm) long. Cut the trunk in half. Each half of it will be a rustic wood coffee tables leg. Put each leg up on its end on a flat surface. Make sure the top of the legs are level. Chainsaw used to adjust the feet as needed. This is some tips for you.

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